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Call for papers: Uses of the Past by Enterprises in Central-Eastern Europe (Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv, Ukraine October 23–24, 2020)

The Ukrainian Catholic University and the European Business History Association invite scholars and Ph.D. students of any relevant discipline to submit paper proposals in a broad range of topics related to the uses of the past by firms in Central-Eastern Europe (CEE). In the context of this workshop, we wish to approach the past as a resource, which is used or can be used by business organizations for their purposes in the present and the future. We understand history as performative interpretation, a tool that helps actors make sense of the past and present and build towards the future. We focus on uses of the past in CEE; however, case studies on other regions are also welcome in case they deepen our understanding of “uses of the past” by CEE enterprises.

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Гуманітарний факультет УКУ тепер і на YouTube. Підписуйся! Почати ми вирішили з офіційного промо-ролику ГФ. Викладачі та студенти Гуманітарного факультету Українського католицького університету про навчальне та наукове життя. Ярослав Грицак, Андрій Ясіновський, Наталія Ковальчук, Василь Старко та інші.

Economic History Initiative at the Ukrainian Catholic University

This initiative aims to train a new generation of students and researchers to investigate the complex and largely unexplored story of Ukraine’s economic development. It focuses on the history of resource distribution, economic development, social inequality, and sustainability in Ukraine, as well as historical polities that formerly included the territories of modern Ukraine, for example, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Austro-Hungarian and Russian Empires, and the USSR.

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